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Newly Discovered Exhibition, Makaroni Gallery - Stockholm, Sweeden

Dates: May 22 - June 05, 2015

Location: Makaroni Gallery

Tre Kronorsväg 34, 131 31 Kvarnholmen, Stockholms Län, Sweden


At the Opening: A/V set by Motomichi Nakamura and Dungeon Acid (live) DJ Xango DJ Lisa Janbell Video Selector VJ Gauchito "Newly Discovered" When a new species, especially something which had been considered to be a legend for a long time, is actually discovered to be real it is often different than it was thought to be. For example the mountain gorilla was discovered in 1902. Prior to its discover this animal was thought to be a hairy, massive and primitive type of animal who lived in the jungle and would kidnap and eat humans. It turned out to be a large, strong primate, intelligent but shy and afraid of chameleons and caterpillars. Motomichi has created a series of drawings and paintings for this exhibition that explore the surprises hidden in the process of discovering new species and the gaps in people's imaginations versus the reality form of monsters and creatures.


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